"Youth Conference" is conducted annually organized by You and Us. Since 2015 we have been working on this project with more than 35 + schools and have addressed around 10,000 students studying the impact of social issues on school students.


We customize and design various possible solutions  to all these issues and try to implement them in our community level.This not only increase the student ability to develop social responsibility but also they can use the opportunity to increase their caliber on various skills through this program.

In this program, we have met more than 10,000+ students from various community through schools that include corporation schools, government aided schools and also some of the matriculation schools. In general, this also had tried to bridge the exposure gap between all these schools. 

The main aim of conducting Youth Conference is to design various feasible solutions for the community problems across. We address the important factors that affects an individual and how that contributes to the development of  community. We let the students be unique, original and as creative as possible. All that we look up from the students is the best way possible and practical solutions to these problems.